Biscuit and Shortcake Mixes


Biscuits with dinner, Shortcake for dessert

Whether you're having soup, steak or anything in between, Jane Dough Biscuits make a great addition to any meal. And if you like the flavor of Chesapeake Bay crabs, try our Bay Biscuits! After dinner, whip up a batch of Jane Dough Shortcake, top it with freshly sliced strawberries or your favorite fruit and whipped cream, and enjoy a mouth-watering dessert! Like all Jane Dough mixes, these take just minutes to mix and bake. No baking experience needed!

Most people are scared off by the idea of making homemade scones from scratch. But with Jane Dough Scone Mixes, you can have delicious scones in the oven in minutes. This video shows 

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